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Pizzas and Focaccias at Casa Azzurri in La Manga Club, Los Belones and Cartagena

The most important ingredient for a good pizza is a good pizza dough. Of course the opinions are divided about this, but one thing you allways can feel is, if a dough is made by on a original itallian recipe. The difference is huge in comparison to a convenience product. Usually every good pizza baker has his own recipe and he will not pass it to someone else. But Angelo revealed some of his family recipe: the dough has to rest at least 24 hours before it can be processed. The ingredients are well known: Flour, salt, yeast, water and some good olive oil. But as usual it depends on the right proportions. And this is perfect in the restaurante trattoria pizzeria Casa Azzurri. All of the pizzas and foccacias are really delicious and crispy.

It depends on the dough if a pizza or a focaccia will be delicious or not...

Pizze classiche

- MARGHERITA - Tomato base, Mozzarella cheese

- PROSCIUTTO  - Tomato base, Mozzarella cheese and baked ham

- SAN DANIELE - Tomato base, Mozzarella cheese and Parma ham

- HAWAIANA  - Tomato base, Mozzarella cheese, baked ham and pineapple

- CARLO ANDREA  - Mozzarella base, Provolone cheese, mushrooms, onion bacon and cream

- FRUTTI DI MARE - Tomato base, Mozzarella cheese, prawns, mussles, squids

- CINQUE TERRE  - Mozzarella base, fresh tomato, fresh Mozzarella and pesto sauce

- BARBACOA  - Minced meat, oregano, BBQ sauce

- BARBACOA DELUXE  - Tomato base, Mozzarella, minced meat, corn, onion and BBQ sauce

- SALUMI  - Tomato base, Mozzarella, Salami, pepperoni and bacon

- BELLA  - Tomato base, Mozzarella, baked ham, bacon, egg and onion

- CALZONE  - Closed pizza, tomato base, Mozzarella and baked ham

- CALZONE FARCITO  - Closed pizza, tomato base, Mozzarella, mushroom and artichoke

- ALESSANDRO  - Tomato base, Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, Cherry tomato, Bresaola,
rocket salad and Parmesan cheese

- VEGETARIANA  - Tomato base, Mozzarella, aubergine, zucchini and peppers

- DIAVOLA  - Tomato base, Mozzarella and Pepperoni

- VESUVIO  - Tomato base, Mozzarella, Pepperoni, black olives and chilli

- ROMANA  - Tomato base, Mozzarella, anchovies, caper and black olives

- NAPOLITANA  - Tomato base, Mozzarella, anchovies and black olives

- VERDURA E PECORA  - Tomato base, Mozzarella, goat cheese, mushrooms,
onion and rocket salad

- WURSTEL  - Tomato base, Mozzarella and frankfurt sausages

- MARE E MONTI  - Tomato base, Mozzarella, squids, prawns, mushrooms and rocket salad

- PRIMAVERA -  Base Mozzarella, fresh tomato, onion and y rocket salad

- TONNO  - Tomato base, Mozzarella, tuna and onion

- QUATTRO FORMAGGI  - Tomato base, special mix four cheese

- CHEF - Two flavors Chef’s choice

- CAPRICCIOSA  - Tomato base, Mozzarella, bacon, mushrooms and artichoke

- AMERICANA  - Base de Mozzarella, Salami, Pepperoni and fried potatoes

- PIZZA GIGI  - Tomato base, Mozzarella, green pepper, meat, mushrooms, bacon and chilli

- QUATTRO STAGIONI  - Tomato base, Mozzarella, baked ham, mushroom and artichoke

- AL GUSTO  - Tomato base, Mozzarella, and four ingredients of your choice

- TAVOLACCIO  - (minimo 2 persons) Tomato base, Mozzarella, and four ingredients of your choice

- STROMBOLI (minimo 2 personas) Rolle Pizza, tomato base, Mozzarella, and four ingredients of your choice

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All pizzas are served with oregano

(ask the waiter please)