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Both in summer and in winter, all around the year, we offer our delicious Barbecue. On a lava stone we braise and grill fresh and chosen meat and beef. Steaks, pork steaks, skewer or poultry.
Our barbecue plate can be ordered for a couple too, and is a real eyecatcher.

Our smashing dish - Mixed Grill!

We only by meat and beef of high quality. Our local butcher garantees  proven quality. Almost all kind of meat is bred in the region of Cartagena and Murcia.

On weekends in our Trattoria Casa Azzurri in Los Belones we serve a delicious BBQ.

Best barbequed beef!

- INSALATE STELLA - lettuce, Fontina cheese, fried ham, grilled chicken, corn, black olives, olive oil, salt and balsamic vinegar either or "Salsa Rosa"

- INSALATE RICCA - lettuce, tomato, arugula,
Bresaola (Italian air-dried beef) cheese flakes,
oil, lemon juice, salt

- INSALATE  TROPICALE - lettuce, rocket salad, pineapple, peach, dates, almonds, walnuts, Brie cheese with honey in Modena balsamic

- CESTINI DI PARMIGGIANO - baskets of Parmesan
a la chef (for 2 persons 10,- €)

OUR SALADS   8,- €

Our Salads   5,- €

- INSALATE CASA AZZURRI - lettuce, arugula, cherry tomatoes, chicken strips, egg, onion, bacon, and a reduction of balsamic vinegar

- INSALATE  TRICOLORE - lettuce, black olives, tomato,
mozzarella ball and oregano

- INSALATE  TONNO - lettuce, tomato, onion, carrot, egg,
anchovies, tuna, corn and olives